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John Deere 3D Sprayer Nozzle

John Deere 3D Sprayer Nozzle

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he 3D nozzle is an inclined all-purpose nozzle delivering three-dimensional coverage to overcome the most challenging agronomic/weather conditions while delivering a variety of droplet sizes for different applications. As an enhanced utility nozzle, the 3D nozzle features an integrated fan incline and fan angle designed to maximize efficacy and coverage for application of contact and residual chemistries. By tightening the spray pattern quality to reduce the number small droplets (driftable fines), the 3D can reduce drift potential by up to 50-75 percent (depending on size) compared to a conventional flat-fan nozzle. The 3D is the first conventional flat-fan nozzle to achieve an international drift reduction rating without compromising efficacy.*
• Designed through 10+ years of Syngenta agronomic guidance, field trials, and wind tunnel research
• Agronomic performance proven via Syngenta field research to deliver up to a 10% increase in weed control compared to a conventional flat fan**
• Droplet size and inclined pattern are designed to be installed alternating forwards and backwards on boom to enhance coverage on hard-to-hit targets like grass weeds and complex canopies
• PWM compatible on ExactApply 30Hz high-frequency pulsing
• SnapLock quick-change nozzle assembly includes tip, cap, gasket, and integrated strainer for easy installation

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